There are at least a dozen popular versions of the Bible in the English language at this time in history. Which one is your favorite? That is a question of preference!

As Church Doctors, we consult churches about how to be more effective—growing Christians and reaching out to those who don’t yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are thorough in our diagnosis of all the areas of church life. We want every church, every Christian, to reach their highest potential for God’s Kingdom. We conduct hundreds of interviews with the people of God every year.

What do you think? Which version of the Bible do you think church people use the most? The answer: “the pastor’s sermon.” The vast majority of Scripture content believers get is in the 10 to 20 minutes (or more!) they hear once a week from the preacher.

If you wanted to stay healthy and your medical doctor suggested you take a daily multivitamin, would you only take it once a week? Look, as Church Doctors, we know you are busy doing life. So, we figured out a way to help you get a daily dose of God’s Word. It’s called:

An Apple a Day: A Daily Dose for Everyday Faith.

  • It takes three to five minutes a day.
  • Each week, it tackles a general challenge Christians face.
  • Each weekday, the challenge is diagnosed from a different angle.
  • Each day, you get a prescription, based on God’s Word.
  • Each day, a verse from Scripture speaks to the challenge.
  • Each daily verse is taken from the particular Bible version that speaks most directly to the challenge.

— A daily dose for everyday faith!

As the challenge speaks about your life, the prescription speaks to you. As the prescription speaks to you, the Scripture is your spiritual vitamin from God’s Word.

Do yourself a spiritual favor: Let God give you a daily dose for everyday faith.

Do your church a favor: Challenge everyone to take The Apple a Day Challenge: three to five minutes a day.

Do your unchurched friends a favor: Give them An Apple a Day and a chance for God to transform their lives now and for eternity.

Get your copy of this brand new book resource today! Start increasing your Bible reading, spiritual formation, and discipleship by joining The Apple a Day Challenge and inviting everyone in your church to join the challenge. Bulk discounts are available by contacting

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