This issue of the Church Doctor Report focuses on the epidemic of discord in churches fueled by inappropriate communication, with a special focus on gossip, slander, and libel, the sources of much of the pain suffered in congregations. Much of the disruption in churches is fueled by misuse of the internet, especially e-mail.

This issue unpacks the practical side of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:15-17 and Ephesians 4:15. While most Christians seem unclear about how an offense is supposed to be handled, the Scripture is clear and helpful to avoid the destruction occurring in so many churches today.

This issue points to causative areas of improper communication in congregations, including choosing the right leaders for decision-making groups — focusing on those who are biblically mature, lack of training in how to approach those who have experienced a failure, and the proper use of the internet.

Read the full PDF version of this Church Doctor Report.

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