traffic-332857_640Jesus didn’t just start an organization or an institution–even though many Christians look at the church that way. He started a movement. If you, and your church, capture the movement concept, you will see spectacular growth of your congregation and the impact on your community. This teaching is on the 3 M’s: multiplication, momentum, movement. You may also listen to me explain this by playing this audio message.

When we work with churches, we like to change the culture from the church as an institution or an organization or a platform for programs, or a destination.

Jesus did not start an organization. He started a movement.

  • When we start using this terminology, people in churches are often “unsettled” by the constant use of the word movement.
  • We have actually had complaints that we keep calling the church the Christian movement!
  • But Christianity, before it ever becomes a “place”, like a church building, is supposed to be a movement.
  • The key element of a movement? It moves!  It is constantly moving!

The 3 M’s of God’s plan for reaching the world for Jesus Christ

  • Multiplication
  • Momentum
  • Movement

Multiplication is the key to God’s movement.

  • That’s why Jesus says to all who follow Him, “Go, make disciples.” Basically, that’s multiplication.
  • In Genesis, where God commanded human beings to fill the earth, He said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” That is multiplication.
  • In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus talked about His plan for filling heaven: “Go, make disciples.”

In most churches, there is very little disciple making by the masses.

  • Many churches identify their “mission field” as so many miles around their church.
  • The real mission field is the total number of unchurched people in the social networks of the people who already belong to the church.
  • That makes everyone a missionary, not just the pastor, staff, or evangelism committee.
  • This results in exponential multiplication.

Christianity is spread like the flu.

  • An epidemic.
  • Up close and personal.
  • Caught rather than taught.
  • Caught rather than brought (bringing someone to church).
  • That’s why the Great Commission starts with the word “go”.
  • It’s not about talking to strangers, but reaching those with whom you already have a relationship.
  • This multiplication leads to momentum.

Momentum develops a Jesus epidemic.

  • This is called geometric progression.
  • This is what a movement is all about.
  • Geometric progression is like if you took a sheet of paper and folded it over in half. And then you folded it over in half again.  If you folded that paper in half again and again for fifty times, how tall would that sheet of paper be?
  • The answer: it would reach from here to the sun! And if you folded it over one more time it would reach to the sun and back.

Jesus started a movement.

  • We have turned it into a program.
  • The Christian movement in the New Testament was literally out of control—out of human control. It was under the control of the Holy Spirit.
  • This is what Christianity is supposed to look like.

Movement means motion: constant activity, growing.

FDM: Focus + Discipline = Momentum.

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