The Christian life is often a wild ride, with major ups and downs. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense—on the human, rational side. Then, looking back, you say, “Oh! God had a bigger plan!”

In Acts 27:27-44, the Apostle Paul is a prisoner on a ship headed for Rome. Caught in a ferocious storm, they spent fourteen days adrift, out of control.

Their depth lines began showing that they were being blown toward some island. They put out anchors to try to keep the ship from being driven against the shore and demolished by the winds. The seas were so rough, the 276 people on board hadn’t eaten for fourteen days.

So, at dawn the next day, Paul—who was just a prisoner—told everyone to eat! He said they would need the strength. He also said no one would be injured or killed.

How would you react if you were the captain? Or a centurion soldier? Or one of the crew? Or one of Paul’s fellow prisoners? Or Dr. Luke, who lived to tell the story?

When the supernatural dimension of God intervenes through an ordinary person, it sounds crazy. It usually makes no sense, from the rational point of view. Why would you believe it? Why did all 275 believe the one person? Probably because they were under extreme duress!

Sometimes God allows us to get so far out on a limb, we’re certain we are finished: health, finances, danger—craziness! Then, God shows up. Maybe we should crawl out on that limb more often!

How did it turn out? The ship was totaled on a reef, but everyone made it to shore—no casualties. If you were one of them, how would that impact your faith?

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