GT Logo (CDM 01)Thank you for your unwavering commitment to helping Church Doctor Ministries help churches — we couldn’t have done it without you!

Why do some Christians support Church Doctor Ministries? It is not because they are rich, or can’t think of anywhere else to send their money. There are usually at least one of three reasons:

  1. They have caught the teaching of Jesus about generosity. The Bible says, “The one who sows generously, reaps generously.” Generosity has become a way of life. Being asked to partner with a ministry is not a burden, but an honor and a privilege.
  2. They are deeply concerned by the genuine downturn of the spirituality in our nation – and rightly so. They don’t buy all the hype about how the world would dramatically change if we simply educate more, pass more laws, or elect a certain person president. They recognize the value of all these issues, but see the key issue as the character of each person. They know the church is God’s mechanism to change the world.
  3. Church Doctor Ministries has helped them and their church become more effective for the Great Commission. Because of the influence of this ministry, they have reached out and someone’s life has been eternally redirected to Heaven and they want that blessing to be shared with many others.

Nurturing Pioneers with Holy Discontent/Spiritual Restlessness

hand-283840_640In our recent quest to learn how God is moving these days, we have discovered that every church has a handful of people who have “Holy Discontent” or “Spiritual Restlessness.” These aren’t the usual complainers who exist in every church. These are Christians who have been touched by the Holy Spirit. They are the “pioneers” or “early adopters” God will use to bring an “awakening” — a wakeup call to your congregation.

Here is the challenge: Those with “Holy Discontent” or “Spiritual Restlessness” don’t know what they have! They also don’t know that there are others who have been touched by the Holy Spirit in this way. If they are not discovered and nurtured, they will eventually become discouraged and seek a church that is focused on outreach, making disciples.

Consequently, over the next few years, every church in the land will grow faster or decline faster than ever before. Which direction a church goes will depend upon your ability to discover and nurture those pioneers. Your support for this ministry makes you a part of the solution.

We are grateful for your support partnership. You may continue helping by prayerfully considering a Giving Tuesday donation at the donate button below.

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