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Kent R. HunterPatrick Lenchioni in his business book, The Advantage, describes the two sides of every organization: smart and healthy. Healthy has to do with values and the clarity of mission. Every church has a mission statement—the Great Commission. However, many church leaders are overloaded with busyness—doing so many things—running an organization like a gerbil on a wheel, and going nowhere that really counts. Leaders talk about making disciples—but in so many churches, the end objective is not occurring much, if at all. The atmosphere is fuzzy. Fuzz clouds the atmosphere. There is lack of clarity. Churches are busy, doing smart stuff: programs, activities, meetings, building buildings, starting and running programs, and all the rest. But the culture of the church, the values, beliefs, attitudes, priorities, and worldviews are fuzzy. The spiritual DNA, imprinted at Pentecost, is blurred. It is like doing church in a fog.

It is like driving in a fog. It is very difficult to reach your destination when you can’t see clearly. It is hard to stay within the lines when you can’t see. It is dangerous. This fog, this fuzz, cripples the church. 1 Corinthians 14: The call of the trumpet to the soldiers. In verse 8, Paul writes about communicating clearly. He says, “And if the man who plays the bugle does not sound a clear call, who will prepare for battle?”

The bugler for the soldiers makes one sound for breakfast, another for dinner, another for retreat and yet another is a call to battle. But if you don’t have clarity, if there is not a clear sound, you don’t know the call for battle. Clarity is extremely important and clarity is developed by constantly focusing on the Kingdom culture, the culture of the King. That culture leads to a desire to win the world for Jesus Christ. Without that clarity, we do not know whether that bugle is sounding for winning the world or just another pot luck.

Help write my new book and provide me feedback on this article. Please comment below! – Kent


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