Every church, regardless of size and location, should seriously consider and put into place a Risk Management Team (RMT). Here are five good reasons and responsibilities for a RMT:
  1. Educate: An inter church Risk Management Team made up of members who already have skills inherent to such a team, i.e. carpenters, plumbers, electricians, medical personnel, law enforcement, fireman, and lawyers, will be responsible to educate the church to safety, security, and risk issues.
  2. Engage: It would be a major responsibility of RMT to train workers in all church departments concerning liability related risk and the team would be prepared to train these departments to be alert to risk and how to adequately manage it.
  3. Enlist: The RMT would enlist the help of first responders and liability experts in educating church workers as to areas of risk that involve harm to children and youth, including, proper reporting to authorities inside and outside the church.
  4. Examine: The RMT would familiarize itself with the church liability policy and communicate with the carrier concerning all procedure in place or procedure to put into place approved by the carrier and seek input from the carrier on making the church facility and events safe and secure.
  5. Enforce: The RMT in conjunction with the church’s ruling board would enforce all approved policy and procedure making certain the church facility, events, and programs are secure and safe for all attendees.

Contact Dennis Kutzner, Church Doctor’s Risk Assessment Specialist, for assistance in putting into place a trained Risk Management Team.  

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