Much has been written and many people are talking about the missional church movement. There are books, programs, and kits available that promise to help you start a missional movement in your church. But that’s really only just starting another quick fix program. And that’s not what Jesus did.

Church Doctor Ministries offers you the only way to truly be immersed in understanding and learning about the missional movement. By going to where God is moving, working, and blessing you can see first hand how this type of movement can and will impact your personal and professional ministry. This trip will change your life!

Please join our travel team to Sheffield, England in June 2012 to be immersed in mission and ministry and experience the revival that is taking place across England. It may seem like an odd place to travel to see revival – but it’s happening and it’s a great place to learn about how to become missional in your personal and professional ministry.

You will gain a sense of what being in missional ministry is all about through living and learning with the leaders of this movement. You’ll see where God is moving and blessing ministry in a number of different expressions. You will also receive one on one coaching to help you process what you are seeing and experiencing from those who have studied and practiced in this movement.

For more information read The Sheffield Report. Then consider filling out an application to join our team. Space is limited, so don’t wait too long!

Read more from previous travelers and get a sense for how this trip can change your life!


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