England Immersion Excursion to Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield & London – 2017


We are determining the dates and details for the January 2017 Immersion Excursion. Visits could include London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield with the Church Doctors.

Join the 150 people who for the last several years have experienced the amazing movement of God in the United Kingdom guided by Church Doctor Ministries.  This will change your worldview forever.

This trip is for pastors and church leaders who want to open their churches to the movement in England, in its third decade—and is just beginning in North America.

God Watchers

In the classic book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby describes two different ways of planning: 1) think up an idea and pray like crazy for God to bless it; or 2) look for where God is already at work blessing and build with Him there. This is an essential, biblical principle for ministry that Jesus taught in John 5:19, “I’m telling you this straight. The Son can’t inde-pendently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does. The Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing” (The Message).

This is how we do ministry at Church Doctor Ministries. We are “God watchers”, and for almost forty years we have made journeys all over the world to where God is blessing the church. For the last eleven years, Church Doctor Ministries has taken church leaders from North America to England so they can see, feel, and become infected by the Spirit with the DNA of mission and revival!

UK-MapImmersion Excursion

It was predicted a few years back that the Church in England would soon die. Not due to lack of money or programs, but because of the massive loss of people.

England is a much more secularized culture than that of North America. Young people are often generations removed from the church and have no reference points to the Bible, church, or Jesus.

Yet, God is bringing revival to England through ministries like The Message Trust in Manchester and Holy Trinity Brompton in London, the birthplace of the famous Alpha Course.

St. Thomas, an Anglican-Baptist church in the Crookes section of Sheffield, is reaching, discipling, and reproducing mission-minded and servant-hearted young leaders through leadership huddles, “white-hot worship,” LifeShapes®, and “clusters.”

Visit London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Sheffield

During this immersion excursion, you will be exposed to cutting-edge ministries that are pioneering new ways of spreading the Gospel and making disciples. We have sought out and researched these ministries and are excited to have their leaders share with you how they are engaging their communities:

  • Holy Trinity Brompton, London
  • The Message Trust, Manchester
  • St. Thomas Crookes, Sheffield

Learning Topics

  • Biblical Leadership
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Prophecy and Healings
  • Gender-Specific Accountability
  • Missional Communities

StThomasCrookesSt. Thomas Crookes

God has given St. Thomas a life to live, and their desire is to live that life better by living a God life. Jesus lived a balanced life in three dimensions: UP—IN—OUT

  • UP – The time He spent with God His Father;
  • IN – The time He spent with His disciples, His community of faith, His friends;
  • OUT – The time He spent with those in need in the world, showing them in word and
    action the better life He came to bring.

Experience how St. Thomas lives out these three dimensions, and discover how you and your church can do the same.

What Will You Take Away?

Kent Hunter and Tracee Swank have extensive experience in the concepts and principles you will learn. By joining Kent and Tracee for this Immersion Excursion Experience, you will learn biblical and practical ways to:

  • Do ministry in a postmodern culture.
  • Reach “twenty-something’s.”
  • Catch the New Testament culture of revival that you can bring back and infect others with in your church.

Christianity is a movement — a spiritual epidemic where faith becomes contagious and being precedes doing.

BigBenTraveler Testimonies:

  • “The things I learned on this trip will not only change my church, but will change the way I live my life. I met God in a new way this week.”
  • “The immersion component of this movement is critical. One has to be here in Sheffield to ‘catch it.’”
  • “This trip made an amazing impact on my life.”
  • “I am going home with a heart ready to do God’s work and seek revival.”
  • “For anyone looking at missional transformation or extension of their church, this is a marvelous and inspiring week.”
  • “Another incredible experience that is important in my ongoing transformation and the life of the church I’m a part of!”

For more information or to request an application, contact David Beare at 800-626-8515; davidbeare@churchdoctor.org.

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