I think one of the most encouraging things happening in the local church today is the renewed interest in talking about how the church can be more effective in the area of outreach. Perhaps this falls under the category of becoming missional or creating mission focused communities but what many churches are looking for are ways to have an impact in their community.

A lot of churches do a lot of things really well. There are a lot of churches that do a lot in general, perhaps too much, but that is a different post altogether. What I am excited about is the interest we are finding in pastors, ministry leaders, and even lay leaders to learn more about how to become more strategic in their approach to reaching into the communities they feel called to serve.

Call them strategies, processes, approaches, the language doesn’t matter. What does matter is to capture the interest and see how that can be leveraged to be a win for the Kingdom. Interestingly enough these things are not new ideas. They are just New Testament ideas we have drifted from. We are having fun engaging in conversations about this new interest in effective outreach and mission.

We have a number of different opportunities for you to join in these conversations. I hope you will take advantage of these events. Check out our updated event page to see the dates in Dearborn, Detroit, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, Jackson, Mississippi and Sioux City, Iowa. We’re also adding dates in Nashville, Omaha, and Louisville.

Let’s talk together about effective outreach and how getting back to these New Testament ideas can have an impact on your community.

For more information on these events contact me directly, tracee@churchdoctor.org. I would love to talk to you about them.


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