If you discovered the cure for cancer, would you want to help people get it?

Of course you would! We don’t have the cure for cancer – we wish we did. Yet, there is another cancer – sin. You know how eternally serious it is. It not only kills individuals, it’s killing our society. Research shows that Americans, right now, are at an all-time level of pessimism and discouragement. We know that real hope is in Jesus Christ.

For almost40 years, Church Doctor Ministries has helped Christians become more effective for the Great Commission, to make disciples for Jesus Christ. We have lived every day with relentless passion to learn more about how God wants us to impact this (1)

In the last 10 years, we have developed ways to dramatically help churches. Through our consulting, coaching, and teaching we have helped thousands of Christians become more effective for the Great Commission.

Here is the challenge. We need to get the word out so we can help even more Christians in our country realize the hope and the what is means to help God’s Kingdom come. We need your prayer and financial support to do this.

Together, we can impact thousands of churches. Together, we can help Christians impact this nation to return to God. Together, we can do this. Please pray about this. Ask God to direct you.

ECFA_Accredited_Final_RGB_ET2_SmallThank you!

God bless you!

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Your support helps us provide the valuable and breakthrough experiences churches all over the world are being called to in order to reach more people for Christ.

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