The disconnect between cultivating ministries and the harvest endgame of making disciples is everywhere!  It is so common, it is embarrassing to put into print.  Almost everywhere, in just about every church, there are ministries that are performed very well, but have no Kingdom fruit because they are not cultivated toward harvest.

These ministries include thousands of Vacation Bible Schools, preschools, support groups, boy and girl scout troops, elementary schools, childcare ministries, summer camps, sports programs, soup kitchens, food pantries, clothing banks, after-school tutoring classes, holiday musicals and dramas, music academies, fall festivals – the list goes on!  It is rare to find any of these great ministries being cultivated for making disciples for Jesus Christ.  It is common for the church to boast about these ministries as their “mission” effort.  It is unusual that an occasional non-Christian crosses the bridge from the ministry to the community of Christ, called the church.  It is usual that they do so almost entirely on their own initiative.  It is common that the pastors and leaders talk about their purpose of making disciples.  It is uncommon for these churches to cultivate significant numbers of people who become Christians through these ministries and grow into the community of the Church – or any church, for that matter.  It’s like when Jesus said to those who resisted the Kingdom:  “The Kingdom of God has come near you.”  What’s the deal?  We have built the organization and forgotten the organism.  Don’t you know?  It’s always about relationships.

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