COVID-19 Resources for Worship, Spiritual Formation, and Discipleship

by | Mar 19, 2020

We are committed to helping Christians be as effective as they can be – under any circumstances. We are in a time of great challenge. As Christians we also know that God is at work in all things. Christians, churches, pastors, and ministry leaders around the nation are adapting to the changing world of worship, gathering, spiritual formation, and discipleship.

We are working daily to continue to provide resources and ideas to help Christians grow in their faith and share the good news of Jesus with the world.

We’ve created this list of worship services and other resources shared by Christians and ministries across denominations, backgrounds, styles, and traditions. You are invited to use and share any of this information. We hope this information will encourage you and give you some ideas as you sort out how to continue to bring people together in mission, worship, and ministry.

Prayer/Spiritual Formation/Discipleship Resources

Worship Services, Recordings, Social Media Worship

Worship “How To” Information

For more information on how to implement the use of these resources contact one of our Church Doctor Coaches at 1.800.626.8515 or email We’re here to help!

Bible Study Resources/Recordings

Resources for Improving/Increasing Communication

  • Active Campaign: Used for sending out email campaigns with ongoing content such as small group studies, Bible studies, sermon notes.

Resources for Home Projects and Creativity

If you are looking for projects for Holy Week, keep the kids busy or to even relieve some stay at home stress through creativity, these sites can help.


  • Evangelical Council for Financial Accountabilty (ECFA): – Currently waiving $500 application fee for churches to join. Great resource for financial/stewardship/giving information and updates.
  • Information related to CARES Act for financial programs: Church and Christian ministries DO qualify for the Payroll Protection Program, read more here: 


Video and Online Streaming Assistance: If you need help with creating short and simple videos to post online Jason Atkinson from the Church Doctor team is providing basic video editing and formatting to churches for the month of April at no charge. Contact Jason and he will let you know what you needs from you to help.

COVID-19 Resource Suggestions/Feedback

Please complete and submit this form to offer suggestions for additional resource listings on this page. You may also offer feedback on how any of these resources assisted you or your church/ministry.
  • Please provide complete resource suggestion including all online links and short description. You may also share how these resources helped you and your church/ministry.