Greetings in Christ!

We are committed to helping Christians be as effective as they can be—under any circumstances. We are in a time of great challenge, but we also know that God is at work in all things. Christians, churches, pastors, and ministry leaders around the nation are adapting, and so are we at Church Doctor Ministries. We are working daily to continue to provide resources and ideas to help Christians grow in their faith and share the good news of Jesus with the world. We value our relationship with you and wanted to share this update with you.

What we’re doing to help pastors, churches, and Christians:

Resource page: We have created a special resource page to help provide ideas, resources, and information as churches implement new gathering guidelines and recommendations that have an impact on worship, Bible study, and ministry efforts. We will be adding to this page daily as new ideas and resources come to us. Some of the resources are from our ministry, and some are ones we are recommending further research on.

Special edition CDR: Kent wrote a special edition of the Church Doctor Report that can be found here. It can be used as you think about how God may want us to use this time to reach others in our social networks and about what this crisis means for Christians about hope and the mission of the church.

Free coaching for the month of April: For pastors and ministry leaders, we are offering one month of free coaching on how to navigate online church, group meeting restrictions, new technology, and communication needs. Contact Tracee directly at or Bethany at to set up your free call.

Facebook group: We created a special Facebook group to share ideas, God stories, and prayer requests. We’re leveraging the power of movements and multiplication by connecting our network and using this space to share and support each other.

COVID-19 prayer team/requests: We’ve created a special COVID-19 prayer team for prayers specific to healing, health, and those directly impacted by this virus. You can share as many or few details as you would like. Our prayer team will pray over those requests specifically.

Coming soon: New podcasts, videos, and webinars are coming soon to help train and equip ministry leaders. We’re shifting all of our in-person training to online and digital platforms. We love being with people in person, but now is the time to make this shift in our ministry delivery systems. Watch for those in the coming weeks.

Ministry update:

The Church Doctor Ministries office in Corunna, Indiana, will be closed at least until Monday, April 6, 2020. It is possible it could be closed longer. If you need anything from the ministry, you can still call 1.800.626.8515. It is actually better, though, if you email any member of the CDM team you need to speak with at Our commitment to our mission remains strong—we want to help churches—so please do not hesitate at all to reach out to us.

We are going to be reaching out to you. We want to know how you are doing and how we might be able to help. Please do not be offended by the increase in emails you get from us. We will be sending out resources and information we hope will be useful to you during this time. As always, you can unsubscribe or tailor what you get from us; just let us know at and we’ll adjust.

We are releasing a new book. It is not an ideal time to do this, but the book is ready, and we want to continue to resource Christians. We think this book can help during this season. You can read more here about the book and buy it on Amazon.

Prayer requests:

Please pray that the team stays healthy. Please pray for encouragement, confidence, trust, and increased faith. We would greatly appreciate it. Pray for stability and peace amid the disruption. This year started off as being one of the busiest we’ve had in a while—a carryover from 2019. Now, we’ve hit a wall just like thousands of other nonprofits and small businesses and the world. We know we will get through this—God will provide—but with so much changing in every aspect of our lives, please join us in praying for each other and for the important work of this ministry to continue.

A special note for our donors and support partners: We thank God for you and your support. If it is at all possible, please continue to support the ministry with your prayers and financial gifts. During this time, if it is possible for you to give electronically, that would greatly help the ministry, since we really can’t be going out to the post office and bank. If you are interested in having a confidential conversation about how to continue your support electronically, Jason or Tracee can help you with that. Please contact them directly at or or call 1.800.626.8515.

If you are interested in learning more about financially supporting the ministry or would like to become a prayer partner with us, please contact Jason or Tracee directly.

Many thanks, friends, for what you are doing to help stop the spread of this virus. Stay home when you can. Wash your hands. Pray. Remember that God is God, and He is still in control. We thank God for you, we’re praying for you, and we ask you do the same for us!

God bless you!





 Tracee J. Swank, Leader


Kent R. Hunter, Founder

Church Doctor Ministries is a member in good standing of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Church Doctor Ministries has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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