We know you’re tired and weary from the impact of the pandemic.

You pivoted. You adapted. You navigated unprecedented times. You learned how to politely tell people “unmute” in hundreds of different ways.

Now, get help and support to guide you into the next season of mission and ministry God has in store for you. Rediscover joy and effectiveness in ministry to keep your church moving forward to the future God has for you.

The Congregational Impact Assessment is affordably priced and includes the very best tools, resources, and coaching and consulting we’ve developed over more than 40 years of serving churches just like yours.

This assessment will help you:

  • Clarify your vision, mission, and purpose
  • Engage ALL of your members, visitors, and guests in ministry
  • Thrive in discipleship and spiritual health and formation

The Congregational Impact Assessment is a completely online assessment combined with ongoing coaching to help your church.


  • Online congregational Survey
  • Three-day visit (either in person or virtual, travel expenses may apply)
  • Worship observation
  • Website and digital ministry assessment
  • Comprehensive communication plan
  • Readiness for Renewal score
  • Recommendations designed to help your church grow in outreach to new people, discipleship, and spiritual formation
  • Recorded webinar report
  • Six months coaching follow-up

Let us help you discover the next steps beyond the pandemic.

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Get refreshed. Get support. Get a plan for the future.

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