Do you want to…Strengthen staff team productivity?

Build unity and harmony?

Prepare a staffing profile for future additions to the team?

Encourage clarity of philosophies of ministry, goals, team spirit, and working culture?

You can expect the following features from your Staffing Consultation:

~ An approach specifically designed to meet the needs of your unique church staff.

~ Guidance from a seasoned, experienced, professional Church Doctor who knows staff  dynamics in the context of church life.

~ An onsite visit from a Church Doctor for one day (or more days, depending on the size of the staff).

~ Private, confidential interviews with individual staff members.

~ Use of diagnostic instruments for each staff person to identify relational strengths and spiritual gifts.

~ Specific diagnostic tools used when issues include: strength profile, work style, team functionability, conflict management, philosophy of ministry.

~ Specific, confidential written recommendations to each staff member, as needed.

~ A written staff team report with recommendations.

~ Consultant access and support by phone and e-mail.

You will benefit from the Staffing Consultation in the following ways:

~ Your leadership will be insulated by your Church Doctor from tough recommendations.

~ Your leadership will receive clarity of definition and affirmation of issues from objective analysis in the team report.

~ Each staff member will gain insights about themselves and other team members.

~ The staff will experience a new level of clarity of a unified Philosophy of Ministry.

~ Staff members will be encouraged, refreshed, and enthused about their roles in ministry.

~ Your church will see increased staff productivity.

~ You will gain insights regarding future staffing needs or changes.

How does it work?

An onsite visit to work with staff (From one to several days depending on size of staff). The Church Doctor meets one-on-one with key staff and the entire staff as a group.

~ Preceded by several analytical devices that measure:

  • Team functionability.
  • Relational strengths.
  • Spiritual gifts (surveyed online or through the mail).

~ Includes a team report with specific recommendations.

~ Includes specific, confidential recommendations to each staff member, as needed.


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