Want everyone in your church trained to be outreach ready?

Want your church to make a greater impact on your community?

The unchurched? Postmodern, young adults?

You can expect the following from an Outreach Clinic:
~ This Clinic is developed to bring outreach into the 21st century. It includes insights learned from cutting-edge churches around the world. The best practices provided in this Clinic are not a program, but universal principles with practical implications. They can be implemented by any Christian, in any church. The Clinic is designed to empower everyone in your church to be outreach-sensitive and productive, whether they are gifted in evangelism or not.
When it comes to outreach, most churches do 95% well. But the 5% gap makes 100% of the difference. This Clinic will help you fill the gap.

You will benefit from the Outreach Clinic in the following ways:
~ Everyone who attends will know how to become more outreach effective.
~ The culture of your church will become more missionary directed.
~ Each participant will be equipped to share their witness in a pleasant, sensitive way.
~ Your church will have dozens of strategies to provide the platform for outreach.

The Outreach Clinic is a one-day event held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and evening. It can also be held on two consecutive evenings during the week. Participant notes are provided for those who attend.

Note: This Clinic is usually shared by several churches. The host church receives ten free registrations. We encourage the host church to work together with five or more other churches in their area to split the cost of the Clinic and the consultant‟s expenses.

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