Consulting & Coaching

Our consulting and coaching ministry services build on a core set of services. We have developed and perfected these processes to work with your church within a set of unique, distinctive characteristics. But don’t just take our word for it…read what our clients say.

Ministry Services Summary

Healthy Churches Thrive! A Spiritual Pilgrimage for Your Church

True transformational change is a spiritual process. Healthy Churches Thrive! is a spiritual
awakening for your church. This unique transformational Pilgrimage uses our most
effective tools, resources, and teachings along with a team of committed consultants and
coaches to come alongside you as your guide. Members, leaders, staff, and ministry will
experience spiritual change and growth to help your church reach more people for Christ in
the 21st century.

Diagnostic Consultation Process

A thorough analysis of your congregation’s health, strength, and challenges. Recommendations for more effective ministry are shared to help you achieve more for God’s purpose. A report is generated that graphically illustrates the church’s views, attitudes, and worldviews. These become the mechanisms to develop a strategic plan for recommendations to move your church to action. Your Church Doctor develops a more personal relationship as a friend, resource, guide, and encourager as you maintain access with your consultant through the total process.

Ministry Snapshot Analysis

A one-day service to churches providing a thorough analysis of your church ministry. The Church Doctor makes an onsite visit, conducts many interviews, and generates a written report with 20-40 recommendations, with six to eight recommendations singled out as foundational. Frequently combined with a Special Focus Consultation for maximum effectiveness.

Special Focus Consultation

Personal attention from the Church Doctor, according to your agenda, for as many days as you like. The Church Doctor will meet with the senior pastor, staff, board; field questions from the congregation in an evening session; look over your facilities – whatever you design. You will receive a report with specific recommendations for your church.

Church Government Consultation

Analysis of current church government structure and the decision-making process within your church body. Our Church Doctor will help you develop a process for improved organization and will be an ongoing resource for implementation.

Church Vitality Profile

A personal profile for your church based on eight areas of vitality: spiritual health, openness to change, assimilation, leadership, attitude, worldview, programming, and environment.

Staffing Consultation

Strengthen staff team productivity. Build unity and harmony. Deal with challenges using an objective, outside expert. Prepare a staffing profile for future additions to the team. Encourage clarity of philosophies of ministry, goals, team spirit, and working culture.

Risk Management

This consultation focuses on the business side of church life, realizing that churches are more than a business. It teaches more effective utilization tools for the best stewardship practices of your church’s day-to-day operation. Everything from insurance to office systems to hiring practices is evaluated, and recommendations are given for improved operations.

Ministry Marketing/Communications

An audit by the Church Doctor to bring ideas from hundreds of churches regarding the most visible pieces of communication in your church. Helps you work harder at making a good first impression.

Worship Audit

Incognito, onsite visit by the Church Doctor during worship services.
Observation of friendliness, order, bulletin, parking lot, people flow, Sunday school
classes, entryways, etc. The Church Doctor meets with leaders to share ideas and
suggestions. A written report to follow with 25-50 specific recommendations.

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