Governance & Decision Making

Want to diminish arguments, tension, division, and unrest?

Want to develop a system that helps the right people get into the best places for service in the church?

Would you like to see the decision-making process become more biblical, efficient, and effective?

During a this process, the Church Doctor will work with your staff and leaders exploring why common forms of church government don‟t work well in the 21st Century.

Is your church organized as:
1. A hierarchy?
2. A congregational form, with a republic twist?
3. An oligarchy?
4. A coequal eldership?

How will your church benefit?
~ To whatever degree you move to a form of decision making focused on discovering God‟s will for your church, it will improve your ability to “get things done.” Your meetings will be fewer, more joyful, and more productive.

~ Your Church Doctor will help you develop a process for exposing your congregation to a better way to do business and become your ongoing resource for implementation.
~ If you expect new generations to be involved in the church, this change is a must. Join the many churches moving to pain-free church government.

Church Government Resources – (PDF documents)

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