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Discover Your Windows: Lining Up With God's VisionUnmask the hidden “worldviews” that stand in the way of congregational vitality and mission.How clear are your windows? How biblical is your worldview? Discover Your Windows analyzes how you think about your involvement in the church. The way you see your world drives your behavior. In this dynamic book, Church Doctor Kent Hunter explores ten worldviews (windows) that greatly affect your life and your church. Based on research of over 18,000 church memebers, Hunter reveals that most tensions in churches are focused on symptoms rather than the issues that lie behind them—conflicting worldviews.Digging into the biblical worldviews of purpose, comfort, change, image, priorities, leadership, stewardship, finances, and attitude, Discover Your Windows gives real life commentary on how conflicting “windows” affect churches and provides practical steps toward renewed vitality. This book doesn’t tell you what to think; rather it provides biblical perspective on how to think.

 “Dr. Kent Hunter has mapped out a comprehensive, biblically based strategy for stimulating you to rediscover your exciting role in the local church. Share this book with your pastor, elders, deacons, and fellow believers. Learn from Dr. Hunter’s careful research and spiritual insights and you will quickly see why he is known as the ‘Church Doctor.'”

Bill Bright -Founder, Campus Crusade For Christ

“Kent Hunter’s ten windows of opportunity wisely contrast truly biblical worldviews with merely modern ecclesiastical expectations. His principles and practical coaching may reveal some hidden unfaithfulness, or open you to fresh air, sunlight, and the sweet scent of Christ.”

Thomas G. Bandy, Vice President and Senior Partner, Easum, Bandy and Associates


“I’m so glad I can recommend to you my friend, Kent Hunter, The Church Doctor. I look at Kent Hunter as the authority on church vitality in America today. Read this book—it’ll take you to a whole new level!”

John Maxwell Founder, The INJOY Group

“This book is dangerous! Reading it will not only change the way you see the church, but the way you will “do” church. This is destined to be one of Kent’s best books yet!”

Mark Zehnder, Senior Pastor, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska

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