One size doesn’t fit all and the latest fad, book, or hottest topic on the Christian conference circuit may not be the best way for your church to truly reach more people for Christ and leverage the God given gifts, talents, skills, and resources.

Churches need more partners in ministry, not someone telling them everything they are doing wrong.

We believe in truly discovering where God is moving working and blessing, affirming that, and building on what God is blessing.

There are numerous surveys, kits, and programs on the market for your church to buy and try to implement. We offer a customized process and look at each church as an individual mission center for God to use to expand and build His Kingdom. This is what makes our process unique and successful.

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About church consultations…

The consultation intervention ministry of CDM brings an expert alongside the pastor, staff, and leaders to bring about transformational change. The result is not just a report with recommendations, but a relationship. We are not interested in telling you about the next great program, but guiding you through a process uniquely designed for your church.

One of the questions most frequently asked by church and ministry leaders prior to choosing to work with an outside consultant is if the process will make a difference.

Since we are results-oriented, we measure, through before and after analysis, key areas of the ethos or culture of the church. This allows us to help you achieve a successful consultation and allows for real transformation to occur.

These key areas of comparison focus on spiritual growth, Bible study involvement, financial stewardship, service, biblical worldview of the church’s purpose, future orientation reflecting openness to innovation and change, positive attitudes in a spirit of optimism, and a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Few ministries measure and publish results, at Church Doctor Ministries, this is our focus.

The Church Doctor approach:

Diagnosis: recognizes the unique culture and ethos of each church.

Prognosis: provides best-practice scenarios by which the consultant interfaces with church leaders in a process of discerning God’s will for your church.

Prescription: recommendations that fit you and your church.

When you partner with CDM we help your church develop Action Plans to address the many recommendations we make for more effective ministry. We know Action Plans provide results. Our research shows that 90% of the churches we help implement at least 90% of the recommendations we make.

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