The New Testament uses several metaphors that describe the Christian Church. It is called the people of God, the vine and the branches, the household of God, a royal priesthood—even the very body of Christ. One thing is clear: Your church is a living organism! As such, it can be healthy, get sick, or even die, like all living creatures. The Head—Jesus—is perfect. He died, but rose again and lives forever. He is the Head of every church. He is perfect. Yet, from the neck on down? That is a different issue!

My dad died when I was a junior in college. He was in his middle forties. My mom was a young widow. Dad suffered from chronic asthma. It was the result of a childhood bout with pneumonia. Health is a big deal. Good health allows you to be productive and vibrant. Poor health cripples what you can achieve. This applies to you.

Spiritual health can be rich and vibrant, or it can be nominal. The productivity of God’s Kingdom is determined by your spiritual health—and mine. Christians are like cells in the body of Christ. They impact every church. That affects a whole nation. At some point, what you see on the news or read online is connected to the aggregate spiritual health of millions of individuals. Nations rise and fall on the spiritual health of people who make billions of decisions every day: for good or for evil.

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Church Doctor Report - November/December 2022

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