GregUllmerChurch Doctor Ministries becomes a true partner to any Christian church wanting to do more effective Kingdom work, to make more disciples for Christ. CDM offers a wide range of resources, teaching and one-on-one consulting with practical, real life experiences.The staff is completely ‘sold out’ with conviction to this focus. Personally, this allows me to grow spiritually — as I see and hear the good things that are happening for the Kingdom. Working with CDM challenges and stretches my thinking relative to my faith walk. Supporting CDM has given me the blessing of supporting churches and Christians I would never meet – much like a missionary, but close to home.

– Greg Ulmer, Community Engagement Leader, Thrivent Financial

We will never be able to do this work alone. We really need your prayers and financial support. There is so much to do—-and God is stirring in Christians—-more than ever. They are hungry for help. Would you help us help them? Our world, our nation, our communities, need churches that are effective at sharing Christ. Will you invest, with us, in the one effort that changes everything?

Give online using the PayPal button above or send your gift to:
Church Doctor Ministries
Box 145, 1230 US Highway Six
Corunna, IN 46730
You may use your Thrivent Choice Dollars to support Church Doctor Ministries. Eligible members of Thrivent Financial who have been designated Choice Dollars can designate Church Doctor Ministries as the recipient. Go to or call 800-THRIVENT and state “Thrivent Choice.”
To support our ministry with prayer, please contact Jason Atkinson and request to join our ministry prayer partner network.


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