In late 2022, the Public Religion Research Institute conducted a research study surveying 5,872 American adults. The results were published in May 2023. The survey showed that 57 percent of Americans “seldom or never attend religious services.” Another 24 percent of those in the US belong to a religious organization other than the one they grew up in.

Back in 2020, a survey conducted by NPR (National Public Radio) quoted a survey by Public Religion Research Institute indicating that “the average congregation size across Christian denominations is less than half of what it was in 2000, down to 65 from 137. A third of churchgoers are 65 years old or older.” This survey included Protestants, evangelicals, and Catholics.

However, almost everyone knows of some congregations that are growing in numbers of people. Most of these churches are nearby declining churches. What are the issues? What are the issues behind the issues?

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Church Doctor Report - Special Issue #5- 2023

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