If you’re a “God watcher,” you look at every aspect of life from the perspective of the mission. It’s true: Many Christians do not. It’s way too easy to become a Christian consumer, not a missionary (or witness) for Jesus.

I understand: Many Christians are freaked out about “evangelism.” It is hard to believe: During this season of receptivity, many churches are not growing. Many are “aging” as well. Yet, most Christians pass by churches that are growing every week.

Some Christians are suspect about those growing churches. I know; I’ve interviewed hundreds of church members. Most don’t know the differences among congregations. Some look at those effective churches as providing “gimmicks” or “watering down the truth.” Generally, that is unfair, judgmental, and not accurate.

My greatest frustration, challenge, and disappointment? How can declining and aging churches not get help? Some pastors say, “Our people don’t like change.” In truth, most believers would rather “suffer” through changes than see their church die. Yet, the pattern continues.

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Church Doctor Report - May/June 2023

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