Emails. Podcasts. Phone calls. Websites. Newscasts. Our world is drowning in information overload. And much of it is bad news.

You know this. Every day you are bombarded by news of murders, riots, political unrest, cyberattacks, pandemic casualties, verbal disagreements, international turmoil—the list goes on.

In this fog of discouragement, there is the shining light of Jesus Christ: on you, in you, and through you. The news about Jesus is called “Gospel.” It is translated good news. It is God news. Every person on the planet needs a major dose. Not just once, but every day!

You can’t give away what you do not have, any more than you can come back from a place you haven’t been. So, where are you on the spiritual refreshment meter? If you “hunger and thirst for life to be right,” you look to the menu of righteousness, the Word of God.

Roadblocks to Righteousness

As a Christ-follower, you live in a world that demands a lot from you. Time bandits are everywhere, often edging your attention away from Scripture.

Sure, we hear sermon messages and may even attend a Bible class. Yet, in total, applied Scripture to everyday life is minimal and sometimes rare—at a time when we need it the most.

Your Church Doctors know that healthy nations need spiritually healthy people. Healthy Christians need the powerful daily doses of God’s Word. The human heart longs for the good news.

Would you invest three to five minutes a day to feed your soul, strengthen your faith, balance your life, and impact your world? We invite you to take The Apple a Day Challenge—a daily dose for everyday faith.

Introducing An Apple a Day: A Daily Dose for Everyday Faith

We at Church Doctor Ministries have spent decades listening to the challenges faced by church members like you. We know you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to grow closer to God. In three to five minutes, you can get a daily dose of God’s powerful Word for your greatest challenges. Jesus wants to imprint this world, one person at a time. Let God’s Word impact you, one day at a time.

The Apple a Day Challenge? Encourage every active member of your church to join you with a daily dose for God’s Word. Spiritually healthy Christians make powerful churches this world desperately needs.

Get your copy of this brand new book resource today! Start increasing your Bible reading, spiritual formation, and discipleship by joining The Apple a Day Challenge and inviting everyone in your church to join the challenge. Bulk discounts are available by contacting

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