As you celebrate Christmas, consider the partnership dimensions of faith.

Jesus’ conception is the partnership of the perfect Holy Spirit and not-so-perfect Mary.

Sinless Jesus, the Son of God, equipped twelve far-from-perfect disciples to start the greatest movement in history.

On Pentecost, the eternal Holy Spirit empowered ordinary, weak human beings to be the mission arm to reach the world.

At baptism, the Holy Spirit adopts you as a child of God — washing away your sins, giving you forgiveness, and new life — and calls you “church.”

For centuries, the mission to reach the world for Jesus Christ has been a partnership. The local church supports their leaders. Individuals partner with missionaries to reach the unchurched. It all started when God gave the gift of His Son on Christmas — to reach a world desperate for eternal help.

Those of us at Church Doctor Ministries are missionaries: to America and beyond, to Christians and churches. We believe it’s a miracle that God partners with us to help Christians become more effective in making disciples. We are ordinary people with an extraordinary calling. We thank God for every Christian, every church that partners with us in prayer and support. That partnership empowers this ministry to equip others: to reach our world for Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your support. We wish you the best as you celebrate the birth of your divine partner, the living Jesus Christ.

God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

Kent R. Hunter                                                                                  Tracee J. Swank
Founder, Church Doctor Ministries                                     Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

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