The 2012 Sheffield Pilgrimage Travel Team arrived in Sheffield Friday evening. We were greeted by fantastic British weather, cold, rain, and wind. However, we were quickly warmed up by the site of old friends and family members and people we feel are a major part of our ministry family. Our team split up to go home with our hosts and we’re off on our own adventures now to live for a week in this movement.

Today, Saturday, many of us will participate with our host family’s clusters, small to mid sized groups with a specific mission and ministry focus, to go to “Peace in the Park.” This is a local community festival. Many of us will participate in a prayer tent. Some in our group will also participate in a other activities.

This is also a time for the team to begin to take in the culture and ethos of what it’s like to be a part of this movement and revival in Christianity. This is why we travel ahead a few days early. Our normal tendency with a conference is to get there, take pages of notes, get home, and implement everything little thing we wrote down. Whether it’s God’s will and purpose for us or not.

For our teams and our purposes in ministry we tell people NOT to do that. In fact if people want to do that, we don’t invite them to be a member of our travel team. We take people who want to learn more about how to “be” in a movement rather than “do” everything they read in a book or learn at a conference.

The focus is on being. We’ll be out “being” in the park this Saturday. Sharing who we are with those who are receptive.

What are you “being” this weekend?

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