damascus_roadOver the last year or so the ministry has been developing a new teaching resource to help Christians become missionaries to their social networks of friends, family, and other people they know. We have been talking, about, sharing, and even recommending this coming resource in our consultation reports.

Recently two of our team members worked with a church in Ohio and in every single interview each person shared how concerned they were about a close family member, friend, or someone else close to them in their network they knew was unchurched or had drifted from the church and drifted from Jesus.

It is happening more and more. And more and more people are coming to the realization they don’t know what to do about this. This resource can help. It provides the much needed mission training that every single person can understand and put to use. You don’t have to go, “over there” to be a missionary. Christians can do this right where they are!

The new resource is an 18 DVD training series called The Damascus Road: Where Christians Become Missionaries. It teaches everyday Christians:

  • How to represent Jesus to those who do not know Him.
  • Mission strategies for every Christian, everywhere.
  • Ways to reach your best outreach potential.

We are offering this resource at a low introductory price, $499, until September 2015 when the resource and all support materials will be available at the full price of $1279.

Those taking advantage of the special introductory rate will receive 18 months of coaching and be able to join the online learning community for The Damascus Road launching in September 2015. Additional, exclusive support resources will be sent to you each month for 18 months to help you process what you are learning.

Learn more, watch video samples and order by visiting www.damascusroadtraining.com.

Attend The Damascus Road DVD Release Launch Party on Wednesday, May 27, 7-9pm in Kendalville, Indiana. Learn more here!



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