This week at Church Doctor Ministries we’re busy planning for a couple of great events in Michigan. We’ve got a fantastic opportunity for leaders in churches to attend two events. Dr. Kent R. Hunter, will lead both of these events.

First, we have our popular “Leading from the Center of God’s Will” workshop. You can still register here for this event on Saturday, April 21. 

Second, is a Healthy Churches Thrive! Trailblazer event. This event, “Turn Your Church Inside Out” will help you understand the 12 markers of becoming a missional church.

Sheffield Travel Team Deadline — The deadline is May 1 for your applications. If you’re interested there are still a few spots left!

There are a few reports hitting the internet about giving trends in churches moving in a positive direction in 2012. Praise God for this! One of the biggest impacts we have noticed the recession has had on churches is the large number of changes in staffing structures. Church support teams, administrators, and secretaries have experienced increased workloads and decreased budgets. Meaning, they are doing more and more work, but with less and less time made available to them. Our prescription this week: Start to evaluate if you really still need to be “cutting back” on your church staff support teams and budget. The more you cut back there, the more you risk losing the valuable, quality support, many in your church look to for efficient and effective ministry to take place. Consider it might be time to reevaluate the changes you made during the recession. Consider if now is the time to evaluate your staffing and team structure through a staffing consultation.

Have a great week – thank God for your support teams!


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