Greetings in Christ Friends!

Please pray about this life-changing opportunity. We’ve taken 124 people to England over the last 11 years. The score is 124 – 0. All 124 said, “I’ll never be the same”-and they promised me they weren’t just being nice!

If you’re hung up on Christianity as a “program” and church as an “institution,” this trip is NOT for you. But, if you are part of the growing number of Christians who have awakened to the New Testament reality that Christianity is a movement and the church is a community of believers-a force for making disciples-don’t miss this!

John 5:19, Jesus: “I only do what I see the Father doing.” Yeah, that’s why we are God-watchers. We want to see what God is doing and experience what God is blessing. The Christian movement is more caught than taught. We could never explain to you what God is doing in the U.K. But you can catch it. You can be imprinted by the DNA of a movement that is spreading around the world. God can use you to help others in your church get ready for what’s coming next.

You’re in for a special treat this year. Tracee Swank is leading the team of no more than 20 travelers. Tracee has an advanced degree in theology and spiritual formation and has five years leading a group to the U.K.

You don’t want to miss this. You will never be the same. If you have a passion for the local church to become more effective at reaching others for Christ, this experience is for you. This is not just a “conference.” This is an immersion experience in which God will teach you personally…and use you powerfully when you return.

Enjoy this spiritual adventure and get ready for the new life God will breath into your church.

We have a limited number of slots left for the June 2013 Mission Immersion Learning Experience to Sheffield, England. Deadline for applications is April 1, 2013.

I sincerely hope you join the travel team this year for a trip that will change your life!

For more information use the links below:

Trip Information Overview

Trip Brochure

Trip Application

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