The J-Dog Journey: Where Is Life?


This book from Kent Hunter tells the story of one young man’s journey to find his calling, passion, and direction in life. If you have ever wondered just how far you’ll have to go to figure out God’s plan – you’re not alone! This story will inspire you to discover God’s plan and path for your life. Whatever it takes, wherever it might take you.

When I read the J-Dog Journey, I could see my life reflected in the challenges of this world. I wanted to experience what happened to “the J-Dog,” and joined a 10-month training experience that changed my life forever. I mean, I’ll never be the same!
~ Nick, 27, on fire for God, Auburn, IN



The story that started it all for Servants Equipping New Disciples, SEND North America. Read the story of a young man looking for direction and God’s plan for his life. Discover, just has he did, that God has a plan, even when we think He doesn’t. Discover there are places God is calling you, places you’ve never even imagined. Discover, through taking on a new adventure, how you can find God, find yourself, and find your passion and purpose in life. Be prepared to be challenged and changed. If you’re a young adult searching, read this book. If you are a parent, pastor, or ministry leader who knows a young adult who may be called by God for something great, share this story with him or her.


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