Church Vitality Profile



Discover the vitality of your church in eight categories: Spiritual Health, Local Environmental Factors, Worldview, Attitude, Leadership, Programming, Openness to Change, and Assimilation/Ministry to Inactives. This is a tool that begins with a questionnaire answered by a cross-section of your leadership. You return the questionnaire and, in a few weeks, receive a report of more than 20 pages directed to your congregation. It will pinpoint which areas of vitality in your church are strong and where you need improvement. Each area is displayed in graphic form so you can demonstrate your vitality profile to others in your congregation. When added together, these eight areas will determine your congregation’s position on a Growth Probability Scale. This graph will instantly demonstrate how closely your congregation falls in the area of maximum effectiveness for God’s work. Each category will include recommendations from a Church Doctor consultant who will personally provide you action-oriented steps to improve your church. Many congregations use this tool as an annual health “checkup” from a Church Doctor.


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