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Kent R. HunterFifty years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. led a Civil Rights Movement. The tipping point of that movement was the march on Washington August 28, 1963.

This movement had some similarities for what Jesus had in mind. The Christian movement is engineered for people to be transformationally changed, and collectively, change the world; one person at a time, one community at a time, one nation at a time—to the ends of the earth.

The Civil Rights Movement had several elements that the Christian movement would do well to recapture: (1) it was organized as a movement. The church today has become institutionalized, program oriented, safe, risk averse, building bound, competitive, isolated, inward, content indulged. (2) Martin Luther King, Jr. focused on values: what is important, appropriate attitudes, foundational beliefs (“all men are created equal”), priorities (what are non-negotiable issues that must come first), and worldviews—how we understand the world and how the world works or should work. Today, the church is focused on the color of the carpet, budgets, vacation bible school volunteers, Sunday school material, a great sound system for the worship team. These are important, but they are not the focus. They are means to an end not the consuming “end issues.” (3) King gathered a unified cohesive group, across denominations, races, regions, political parties. He focused on the cause and gathered people who agreed to disagree on other issues because the cause was non-negotiably important. The church is sectarian, isolated, and postured in turfism for the most part. (4) Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visionary. He cast a vision: “I have a dream,” he said. The church has some visionaries. The divisive posture of unhealthy Christianity, however, allows misguided critics to undermine rather than support visionaries. There is a spirit of competition rather than cooperation. There are “shooting stars” anxious to occupy center stage, riding on the next latest greatest fad. (5) King recaptured the Master’s dream: one nation under God, people endowed with rights by their Creator. We have lost connection, live in a fog of identity, not driven by the mission for which Jesus died.

Help write my new book and provide me feedback on this article. Please comment below! – Kent


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  • George Punches

    says on:
    August 25, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    I am retired as an entrepreneur of 3 pharmacies and 2 gift and card shops in the middle of Michigan. I think our business had a degree of professionalism and creativity. I can say it wasn’t necessarily me, but my seeking out some of the best ideas of other pharmacists that were also quite successful. I used the best of their ideas in my stores and business and discarded those that didn’t work. I see most churches reinventing the wheel over and over and never exchanging ideas. They do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done”, and not because it works. You can keep doctrine pure and follow Jesus in many ways and I don’t think Jesus minds if we play contemporary Christian music or JS Bach.

    Churches 5-20 miles away never talk to each other and even are jealous of what others are doing, but would never think of adapting the good solid ideas. My wife and I travel in winter to south in motor coach and love visiting other congregations. Some great ideas in all of them, but the point is, we need to share those ideas. There are a core group in our present congregation that have NEVER attended another church anyplace.

    When I had my 5 stores, I would visit other stores and even take a video camera or regular camera to record the visual of both good and bad things owners did. (I’d always ask the owner first). I think people should be encouraged to visit other churches to see what is going on at other places…. what works and what doesn’t.

    I love your approach and the ministry you advocate. I get it. There are too many Christians that are stagnant and unenthusiastic about their faith. How do you “fire up” Christians? If we truly believed that Christ is the Truth, we would jump out of our Lutheran Lazy boy chairs and shake up the world.

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